Commercial Flat Roofs

Commercial flat roofs are often on large, tall buildings like warehouses and office blocks. All modern commercial buildings will use a Single Ply membrane system to waterproof the building. These buildings need maintenance free roofing systems which have been assessed by the British Board of Agrement to last in excess of 30 years. That’s why the UK’s leading architects specify Sarnafil as their number one choice.


Sarnafil single ply roofing membrane systems have been used for many large commercial projects such as Arsenal FC’s Emirates Stadium, Bluewater Shopping Centre, Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Bristol airport passenger terminals to name but a few.



Why Choose the Sarnafil System for commercial flat roofs?

Traditional types of roofing such as felt need maintenance because they melt in summer heat, become brittle in lower winter temperatures and are affected by UV rays. They therefore tend to develop leaks and need replacing every 10 years or so. For commercial organisations, perhaps with large roof areas, this could represent unacceptably high costs not to mention the disruption and the constant risks of potentially costly and dangerous leaks.


Just some of the reasons why Sarnafil single ply roofing membrane systems are preferred for commercial flat roofs are that:


They are long lasting. Their British Board of Agrement’s assessment that Sarnafil roofs last in excess 30 years means that they provide great value for money as they can work out to be much cheaper than alternative systems and roofing types.

They are maintenance free. This adds up to significant cost savings for a business and avoids the disruption, damage and hassle caused by frequent roof problems and repairs.

They offer unparalleled flexibility. The membrane at the heart of the system if flexible and therefore can be applied to irregular shapes and even the most challenging flat roof areas.

They offer right scope and scale. The Sarnafil system is suited just as well to covering vast areas of roof space as it is to smaller areas. Its strength, durability and effective maintenance free waterproofing are assured regardless of the roof size.

They are guaranteed. Sarnafil were one of the original manufacturers to issue a manufacturers backed guarantee underwritten by a major insurance company. This means that your business can have the peace of mind from knowing that the system is covered for a 15 years.

They save energy. All new-build flat roofs require a warm roof construction to comply with Part L of the Building regulations. This means that a Sarnafil flat roof will have a highly effective layer of insulation which will retain heat and save money, and what’s more the VAT rate on this type of upgrade only attracts a 5% VAT rate! The Sarnafil membrane is not affected by extremes of heat and cold, and has heat welded weatherproof joints. This means that the surface of the roof itself provides a strong, even temperatured surface that enhances the overall insulating power of the roof and offers total protection from the elements.