Flat Roofs

For many people flat roofs can be a source of worry, trouble and expense in terms of leaks, repairs and then more leaks. Old roof surfaces such as bitumen or felt over time develop problems that can lead to damage to the inside of the home. Felt roofs for example go soft in the warm weather and hard and brittle in the winter. These reactions to the elements over time lead to cracking, blistering, and puddling / ponding / standing water on the uneven surface.

If there are stone chippings or other ballast on the roof surface this can make it difficult for water to drain away and the constantly wet roof attracts moss and lichen which makes the situation worse. Making constant and expensive repairs to your old felt or bitumen flat roof is really a false economy. So, what’s the answer?

A new single ply membrane flat roof from County Flat Roofing means no more flat roof worries, peace of mind for many years to comes, a great looking new roof that’s fully waterproof, PLUS it could be your opportunity to turn your flat roof area into a roof terrace, balcony roof or roof garden that you and your family can enjoy.

County Flat Roofing has been fitting long term guaranteed single ply membranes for over 24 years, including Alwitra, Bauder, Cefil and Sarnafil which have all been tried and tested by professional bodies and all offer lengthy guarantees from the manufacturers themselves. What makes single ply membrane systems such as Sarnafil so good?

The strong, UV resistant and state of the art and fully waterproof membrane that is mechanically attached with heat sealed joints provides complete waterproofing and protection for the elements for decades.

These single ply membrane systems provide maintenance free, great looking flat roof that can add value to your property.

An insulated sub structure that can save you money by keeping valuable heat in the home.

The peace of mind of knowing that not only can your new flat roof last in excess of 40 years but that it has a long insurance backed manufacturer’s guarantee.

You can build a decked or slabbed roof terrace, balcony roof or roof garden (if the load bearing capacity is right). This can effectively give you an extra ‘room’ to your house outdoors that you and your family can enjoy using. It will also add value to your home.

End your flat roof worries today by calling Freephone 0800 098 8271 for a no-obligation free survey and quotation, or completing the form below.