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“Little Known VAT Incentive Saves 15%”

When I stumbled across this little known incentive buried deep in their rules I couldn’t believe my eyes, like you I’m used to the Government trying to take money off me not give it back!

We had our accountant check it out and sure enough it was true, provided your roof project qualifies you could enjoy a reduced 5% VAT rate on the bulk of your installation potentially saving you a huge…

15% Off The Price Of Your Flat Roof Upgrade.

This is due to the Government wanting to encourage all of us to improve the insulation to our homes and instead of providing grants for this they’ve done this through a healthy reduction in the VAT bill.

Now before you get too excited at the prospect of having the VAT Department help you fund your flat roof, not all flat roofs will qualify.

“Hurry because who knows when they’ll stop this incentive!”

To find out if your roof is eligible simply call us Freephone 0800 098 8271 for a no-obligation free survey and quotation, or complete the form below.